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The disinfection robot BALTO — named after a sled dog who carried urgently needed vaccines to a highly inaccessible region of Alaska a hundred years ago — is capable of disinfecting door knobs and similar objects. It does this autonomously, reacting to human beings in the surrounding area at the same time. An interface with the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process makes this possible.

从来没有卫生吸引过如此多的关注 - 毕竟,其中一个武器社会正在努力在冠状病毒大流行中努力。Balto是Babzen Fraunhofer Italia创新工程中心的消毒机器人和斯图加特的Fraunhofer工程Iao Fraunhofer工程研究所,作为Fraunhofer内部计划的一部分,该部分用于打击Coronavirus,正在解决这个问题:作为许多模块之一,其工作是帮助遏制大流行,并尽力在未来避开他人。

“BALTO is capable of autonomously disinfecting door knobs and other areas that a large number of people touch on a very regular basis. This is a way of reducing the risk for visitors, as well as the risk for those people who have the job of disinfecting,” says Dr.-Ing. Michael Riedl, Deputy Director of the Fraunhofer Italia Innovation Engineering Center. However, this robot’s distinctive feature is not its ability to disinfect per se — other disinfection robots can of course do this as well — but rather its direct link with the Building Information Modeling process, BIM for short. The BIM models store not only the building geometries, but also all fundamental component attributes such as function or materials. The technology can detect and precisely localize even door knobs, for example.



This tells BALTO not only where doors, for example, are located in the building, but also which of these doors are frequently used and from which material the door knobs are made. It can then adapt its disinfection program accordingly. If construction work is blocking access to a particular corridor, BALTO will know this from the BIM and can use the information in its navigation planning. The interface to the BIM is also important for the human-robot interaction.



据规划消毒案件,巴利斯也分数点数:“我们不必用坐标喂食机器人,我们可以告诉它消毒一整类对象,”Fraunhofer Iao弗劳恩霍尔·伊乔省主任GünterWenzel说。我们可以提供一般的指示,而不是必须陈述要消毒的每个门旋钮的位置,而是:消毒在X分钟间隔的所有常用门旋钮。

例如,一个附加接口,例如建筑物的数字双胞胎,将打开门域的门,例如:根据房间规划文件,会议将在此室内在此房间举行。在这段时间内请不要在这个房间里消毒。BALTO使用这样的数据来规划它的消毒例程 - 从哪个问题开始,其中途径是最佳选择,可以选择要治疗的材料的最佳消毒剂。

At NOI Techpark in Bozen, home to both companies and research institutes alike and hence a place where people constantly come and go, already has three BALTO demonstrators in use. For the time being, still permanently monitored by the research team. Another system is in use in the Future Work Lab of Fraunhofer IAO — a combination of production environment and exhibition space — and in the Center for Virtual Engineering ZVE.

Numerous other conceivable applications

BALTO is by no means limited to disinfection. The robot is able to combine disinfection with cleaning routines and will, over the longer term, be able to handle even monitoring and maintenance activities. Meaning: Users will be able to cover a range of tasks using robot systems linked to BIM. The researchers are now collaborating with companies from the disinfection sector to examine which steps need to be accomplished before the industrialization stage is reached.


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